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Valerie Solheim, PhD      Spring 2010

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Thanks for the conversation this morning.

I had a room of 800 wood trays (each tray bundle will hold about 500-800 developing mason bees). I have probably 300,000 mason bee larva developing in a large closed room. I found the room became infested with parasitic wasps trying to get into the trays. I used a shop vacuum to suck up hundreds of wasps each day for about two weeks.

I borrowed from Penn 5 large (3.5 SC Ring) tools and placed them against one of the walls so that the columns of energy would encompass the whole room. I left the door ajar for them to leave if they wanted to. After checking on things 4 days later, the room has about 30 or so wasps in them. Significantly less than there had been before. However, I find the spiders still there. (which I don’t mind).

I have to take the hoops down tomorrow so as to not mess with the experiment that I’m conducting, but this was an interesting observation!

Dave Hunter

Images of orbs captured in my bee garden.


4.4.09 - present

Bees in nature locate their hives over energy-rich zones. These zones are called geopathic stress zones. They radiate levels of electromagnetic (EM) energy that are higher than the earth's normal EM pulse of 7.83 Hz. This is due to geological formations in the earth's crust that disrupt normal EM flow.
Healthy beehives generate an energy field that extends beyond their hive. This field is beneficial to the bees in protecting them from noxious intrusions from pests to viruses.

This field was defined mathematically by Grebennikov, entomologist, and Zolotarev, doctor of physical and mathematical sciences. Grebennikov called this the Cavity Structure Effect (CSE). His research revealed that the frequency levels of the hive are inversely related to gravity: the higher the hive frequency the lower the gravitational field. The CSE demonstrated the qualities of an anti-gravity field: a high level of field coherency that supports complex community structures.

Beekeepers and laboratory scientists can not or do not knowingly place their hives over energy-rich zones. As such, the hive is deprived of an additional source of free energy. Modern hive colonies are further depleted through pollution, chemical additives to soil and seeds, genetic modification, loss of habitat and climate change. Bees have to work harder to survive while becoming weaker and weaker.

One solution: Restore the bee colony's frequency field and let the bees manage their health.

Valerie's Colorado Bee Garden. (Left >Right) Joy Luck, Sister Act and Gold Run

As I sat through the beekeeping class on disease, parasites and colony collapse syndrome, I began to wonder, why would I want to be a beekeeper? Following the class, I continued investigating diseases and treatments. I found the rather universal concluding advice perplexing, “Keeping your bees healthy is the best treatment against all afflictions.” Great idea, but apparently all “new” bees come with a certain level of disease and afflictions to be welcomed into a less-than-supportive environment. Keeping bees must be an instinctive, not an intellectual pursuit.

I have been a therapist most of my professional life and have used frequency healing modalities with humans and animals for over five years. It occurred to me that I could apply the same frequency science to bees as I do to other living beings. Frequency healing concerns the correcting of electromagnetic imbalances and blocks in tissues, organs and organ systems. All cells produce electromagnetic energy (EME). Individual cells, when organized into a system, create and radiate an EMF. There is a range within which the EMF of a given system or organism is considered balanced or healthy. Bee colonies maintained within a healthy frequency range could present a natural resiliency to pests, disease and possibly even microwave (electromagnetic) interference.

My intuition told me that the health of honey bees could be maintained by playing back to a weakened hive the sound vibration from a healthy hive: bees healing bees. This could also be used as “preventive medicine”, playing the recording to maintain the health of the hive. Furthermore, it occurred to me that this procedure had to be simple and cost effective or I probably would not do it, nor would anyone else. I began reviewing the scientific literature on bee frequencies. Basically, I found that entomologists who study bee frequencies or language, study them to identify distinct sounds that can be linked to specific behavior or affliction. In 1964 Eddie Woods (1901-1976) developed the apidictor, a listening device with filters that could detect the changes in sound produced by a colony before and during swarming. It was an article on Woods’ apidictor that struck me early on as important. Forty-four years later, Frank Liton suggests there might exist a sound health correlation in bees. He writes,

In my particular use case, I would like to record the sound of honey bees in their hive… [This] information, if analyzed in real time, could provide a quick indication of problems within the honey bee colony. … I have reason to believe, from both the research literature and discussions with other beekeepers, that the sounds the bees make are correlated with their health.

We agree. However, my goal is not to prove that “the sounds the bees make are correlated with their health” because that beekeepers know. Nor am I “listening” for threatening conditions. My theory states that recording the frequencies of a healthy hive can positively affect other hives: let bees heal bees. I posed the following question: If I record healthy Hive A and then play the sound recording to Hive B would it (1) be understood by Hive B and (2) positively influence the vibrational frequency of Hive B bringing it up to and maintaining it within the healthy range? If the answer to both questions is yes, then hives influenced by the bee recording would experience less afflictions, thus suffer less die off, and produce more honey, naturally.

This theory of like healing like is ancient. It is supported by hundreds of years of practice and research in the area of sarcodal (healthy tissue) homeopathy. Sarcodal homeopathy is when the frequency of healthy tissue transmitted in water (liquid crystalline medium) is administered to support injured, diseased or weakened tissue. In the case of the bees, the frequency is transmitted through the hive box (the medium) which acting as a resonator resonates the bees to a higher or sustained frequency level.

Bees Healing Beings

As I sit here typing, the Bees Healing Beings CD is playing. And I realize that I’m listening to over 200 million years of evolution. I feel energy pressure from my head to my heart. It feels good. It was in the civilizations around the Mediterranean, particularly in Egypt, where spiritual practices founded on the honey bee hive became highly specialized. The oldest shamanic practices in Northern Europe are based on the veneration of the honey bee hive.

From the stand point of nature, the most highly organized social structures are found in honey bee, ant and termite colonies. Honey bees have evolved from wasp foragers to a sophisticated degree of community living from the creation of wax hexagonal cells for brood and honey storage to their clearly defined social structure and methods of communication. “Bees have an ancient reputation as the bringers of order, and their hives served as models for organizing temples in many Mediterranean cultures.”

In “Bees Healing Bees”, I discuss the electromagnetic field (EMF) created by the bee colony and the hive as an earth resonator. The sustained coherent vibrational sound emanating from the hive is archetypal; it is pure communication transmitted through vibration. “In the beginning was the Word” and the Word was sound, the vibration of life.

Edgar Cayce said that sound would be the medicine of healing. Now let us take this to another level. The sound emanating from the hive is not the same sound of a singular bee or even of thousands of bees at work in an orchard. “The sound from the hive is manifesting from a state of unity as a social process.” The focus of the bee mystery is the hive. Note that the
paintings on temple walls and headdresses worn by the Mother goddesses depict the shape or image of beehive and comb cells.

Catal Huyuk; a wall depicting a Beehive comb – 6600 BC © James Mellaart

A closer look at the beehive comb reveals that it is a series of perfect hexagons. The hexagon is one of the most stable systems employed by nature. We see it in snowflakes, daffodils, beehives and sacred architecture. The strength and quality of the comb is in perfect series of hexagonal patterning. “The Bee hive handles the weight of bees and vibrations with perfect stability and strength.” When geometric patterns appear in multiple sequences they create sound.This sound is intensified the crystalline structure of the wax cells.

Goddess wearing a beehive tiara from Turkey, circa 8000 BC
© http://www.thebeegoddess.com/

Modern science now shows that these geometric rhythms lie at the centre of atomic structures. When Andrew Gladzewski carried out research into atomic patterns, plants, crystals and harmonics in music he concluded that atoms are harmonic resonators, proving that physical reality is actually governed by geometric arrays based on sound frequencies. . . . Perhaps the most important of these shapes is the hexagon, upon which the Egyptian matrix named the Flower of Life is based. This series of outwardly-rotating divisions of the circle accommodate the branches of the building blocks of life, the amino acids.

Sustained vibrations resonated through sacred geometric patterns, such as what the beehive has represented to the human mind, create harmonic resonance within the very core of our being from cells to spirit. Recall the example of the tuning forks:

Since the incoming sound waves share the same natural frequency as the second tuning fork, the tuning fork easily begins vibrating at its natural frequency. This is an example of resonance - when one object vibrating at the same natural frequency of a second object forces that second object into vibrational motion.

Thus, it seems that the sound recorded from the brood hive has a coherent organizing effect on the human mind-body field. Buxton reports “that [pre-industrial] beekeepers rarely became ill and rarely if ever contract cancer or other terminal diseases.” I suggest, based on personal experience and testimonials, that at higher levels, the hive sound resonates with Spirit. “What we are hearing from the hive is a sixth dimensional overlay.” The capacity of the hive sound to affect the human field depends on the the vitality of the hive and the intent and focus with which it is received.

Bees Healing Bees

The speed and direction at which the electrons revolve around the nucleus in a cell is vital to the health of the cell and the organism. If either are disturbed (direction can be reversed) the organism is compromised. A compromised organism is subject to degeneration and opens itself to disease and parasites. A healthy colony of bees produces an EMF that is capable of protecting it from external threat and possibly assisting in the flight of the bee back to its colony. Research has shown that the recording of a specific sound used to elicit a corresponding behavior from one hive, when played to another hive will elicit that same behavior. The laws of physics state that when one object vibrating at the same natural frequency of a second object forces that second object into vibrational motion. Therefore, playing a recording of a healthy hive to a second hive of bees will positively affect the second hive.

Valerie Hunt, PhD . is a pioneer in the field of healing with sound frequencies and scalar waves. In the following Hunt describes the EMF and how the inner and outer EMF interact.

The energy field lies between the physical organism and the universe. It is the direct interface with every experience this body has. When we are in groups we have interaction: my field meets yours and in the interaction we are changed. Yet sometimes when you introduce two fields neither changes, or only one field changes. This is because the field is always selective. The way in which the field is organized determines how it affects the human body. With the contaminated and weak electromagnetic energy of your environment you also decrease the energy of the field internally. For proper action the field has to be constantly nourished. Sound and music nourish the field ….

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I called Professor Emeritus Adrian Wenner (Department of Biological Sciences, University of California, Santa Barbara) at his home in Santa Barbara to ask about his study on bee language and recordings. At the end of our conversation he said, “We know nothing about bees, nothing.” That was probably the greatest encouragement I got to stay the course. It’s all an adventure.

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The Beehive Effect: Ancient Rites - Quantum Principles gives you the complete update to January 2013 on research, observations, stories from the hive and much more. While mainstream scientists and beekeepers study the “collapse” of the bee colony by seeking pharmaceutical remedies to cure it, on a mountainside in Colorado, something else is happening. Intriguing.

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